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2013.09.11 Wed


Children usually indulge in computer TV more prone to depression

Children usually indulge in computer TV more prone to depression. Computer and TV is every family and some home appliances, with the knowledge to improve people's,Hong Kong Tantric Massage even a child can be addicted to TV programs, or even to play computer games. Recently, a British research report said, if the children watch TV and play computer games too long, will be more prone to depression and ADHD, serious harm to children's health.

According to a government report, too much to watch TV and play computer games is to let the children become more and more anxious, long time staring at the screen can lead to depression.

A British study found that, more than four hours per day sitting in front of the computer or TV will be "negative" effect, but also the children watch TV, computer time each hour increase risk, disturbed social emotional problems and low self-esteem is larger.

This is also related to the possible problems later in life, "long-term research, began to watch TV was too small (1 to 3), can be expected after the child will have problems difficult to focus and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder." Furthermore, it may cause the feeling of loneliness and aggressive children.

The researchers believe that, watch TV too much can cause the melatonin level is too low, it may lead to sleep problems, anxiety and depression.

The lack of "sunshine" vitamin D (absorbed after sun) and anxiety,Women Underwear
last week, a report found, 7 years old the child exercise half is not enough.

A staff member of British charity "children" said: "like walking such a simple thing will bring more happiness."

Reminder: at present, many children with ADHD and depression, this in daily life has a direct relationship, such as lack of exercise, a lack of vitamin D, but long-term play computer games watch TV, all of these will bring obstacles to the healthy growth of children. And studies show that, the children watch TV too long will affect the quality of sleep, difficulty in sleep.


Suffered Need

2013.03.14 Thu


Each Need not be born, that each Acura has a piece Achievement fertile ground. Fertile ground for Miss me the best encounter parties.

I do not know who the best President in what way her life, only to remember that we eat a grand meal of rice to celebrate her get any redress, finally find a love, and then the best Mr. was admitted to the new house, she had just rented duplex broadband speed.

Able to determine his career. How to describe him? A movie works filmmaker? Anyway Woman suffered he did not have a stage of the project.

Proved a busy but close to the middle-aged man is terrible. Lasted nearly a week of warm the Acura Mr. standby 24 hours work every day from dawn to dusk Miss fertile ground for a single mother of illusion. Even her one after work rush rush home to children cooking anxiety.

Fertile ground for Miss really did give him a meal, he really like to be his own man, eat when they sat before the large windows, even the warm atmosphere of the sort of home life. Unfortunately, the hearts of the fertile soil of Miss obsession in the whole process of grocery shopping, the best President did not dig a penny. Oh, carefully counted, in out of the store and found that did not buy the garlic, he spent a dollar to buy a two garlic. He then filled with garlic, home cook to go with her.

The next day, the fertile soil of Miss to attend a gathering of friends, Acura President will debut as a new boyfriend. They hit a car headed for the meeting place, the child-delivery of the vehicle fee, Woman found he did not cash. She stood by the door, looked on helplessly Need Mr.. Need Mr. innocently said: I do not have the cash.

Fertile ground for Miss suddenly felt the wind really cool chilly blowing her skirt. Need President then said: that you pick up the cash it. Then, he sat very calm, fertile ground for Miss closed the door to find the nearest ATM withdrawals.

The party has been in no mood for fertile ground for Miss. To the last pay all AA system to collect the money of the people went to the fertile soil in front of Miss Need Mr. motionless, fertile ground for Miss had pulled out the wallet to pay double.